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More than 50% of the US’s fastest-growing jobs are in the general field of Public Health with a public health degree! The work of public health professionals is never over! You can have a big role in many public health efforts in the 21st century. By obtaining your public health degree from a school or program aligned with your core values, you can help change the world. Some of the public health issues you’ll be faced with upon graduation include diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, communicable disease & illness and awareness and prevention.

We’ve compiled a list of public health schools and programs for all locations including many distance education options. Easily compare over 188 schools offering 734 Masters Degrees, 147 Doctorates, 148 Certificates with 933 Campus & 128 Online learning options.

The U.S. Department of Education recognizes the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH)as the only specialty accreditation agency with the authority to establish curriculum standards for public health schools and programs, and to grant accreditation when those standards are met.

CEPH has decades of experience evaluating everything from curriculum to faculty to the experiential learning found in undergrad and graduate level public health programs. This gives CEPH a deep understanding of the needs of the public health industry and the qualifications employers expect of graduates.

CEPH accreditation is not an easy credential to qualify for, requiring schools to meet and adhere to standards for:

  • Student engagement in departmental policy-making
  • School autonomy
  • Student outcome tracking
  • Faculty and administration
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When it comes to MPH programs specifically, CEPH requires programs to cover a set of 22 professional competencies across 8 different categories; these are the standards graduates of CEPH-accredited MPH programs are expected to meet:

  1. Evidence-based Approaches to Public Health
  2. Public Health and Health Care Systems
  3. Planning and Management to Promote Public Health
  4. Policy in Public Health
  5. Leadership
  6. Communication
  7. Interprofessional Practice
  8. Systems Thinking

As you can tell, it’s a broad set of standards that serve to prepare graduates for real-world practices in a complex field. That makes CEPH accreditation a key measure of quality for both entire schools of public health and individual master’s programs that meet the stringent standards. That’s exactly why we only feature schools that hold CEPH accreditation at the institutional level, for individual programs, or both.

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