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What is Public Health? – Public health is made up of the government and non-profit systems working in concert to study, prevent, and respond to both communicable diseases and lifestyle-related health threats in order to promote wellness and protect communities. It can include everything from local campaigns to address drug abuse in rural U.S. communities to global pandemic responses.

Working in public health could take you around the globe to address the most pressing issues in the developing world, or could just as likely have you working in the same community you grew up in. It’s a field where all types of backgrounds and experiences are valued and where the education you receive today could position you to do the exact kind of work you want to do in the communities that mean the most to you.

At the end of the day, public health is all about people helping people, and aims to do exactly that.

This comprehensive resource is designed to help you map out your career in community and global health and make informed choices about your education options.

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Raymond L. Goldsteen, DrPH, Director, MPH at University of North Dakota

Raymond L. Goldsteen, DrPH, Director, MPH at University of North Dakota, joins us today to discuss public health education. #1 Can you tell us about the public health…

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Public Health Careers

While health improvement, health protection and health service quality improvement are the watchwords of the field and the three defined domains of public health practice, those are the sort of abstract terms that don’t mean a lot till you see them in action. There are dozens of unique and well-defined roles involved in the actual work it takes to make communities safer and healthier places for people to live and work.

Working in public health means being part of something bigger than yourself – from boots-on-the-ground community outreach workers bringing basic healthcare services to underserved communities… to survey workers collecting the epidemiological data used to better understand and deal with communicable and behavior related diseases… to public health advocates in the halls of congress leading grassroots efforts for adequate community health funding… to the program directors that then stretch every last one of those dollars to make the biggest impact possible.

Every public health initiative, education campaign and direct outreach program relies on a team of specialists working in unique roles. You just need to decide which one of those roles will make the best use of your talents and experiences.

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Public Health is Your Health. “This Is Public Health” is a campaign the Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPH) launched to help people better understand how the field works to improve the health of individuals and communities through education and service. Join this national effort to promote public health awareness in your community.

By choosing a career in public health, you could have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of people in your community, and around the world.

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