Top Infectious Disease Degree Programs

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Infectious disease degree programs focus on training professionals to study different infectious diseases and their effect on the populations who acquire them. Professionals specializing in infectious disease focus on the agents, hosts, and any environmental factors that may contribute to the spreading of disease in order to help populations around the globe to maintain their health and effectively beat these diseases.

The work done by these professionals helps countless people to live better lives, making this one career choice that is particularly rewarding. Infectious disease careers can be carried out on a local or global scale and professionals may find themselves working in private, public, or non-profit sectors.

Featured MPH Programs for Infectious Disease

Prospective students looking to obtain a degree in infectious disease should investigate these top 5 schools and programs:

#1 Harvard School of Public Health

Doctor of Philosophy in Biological Sciences in Public Health (Immunology and Infectious Diseases)


This graduate program allows those who already hold a public health related degree to advance their education in the field of immunology and infectious disease, providing them a better overall understanding of the health related issues facing populations around the world today. This program offered by Harvard School of Public Health uses state of the art scientific technology to prepare students for the real world situations they are expected to face while carrying out their professional careers in the field.


Those enrolled in this program can expect to pay around $38,800 per year in tuition during the course of this two-year program.

#2 University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Public Health

Certificate in Infectious Disease Epidemiology


University of Nebraska Medical Center’s College of Public Health offers this non-degree certificate program to students who wish to gain further education in the specialized field of infectious disease and epidemiology. This certificate program is ideal for those who already hold a degree in public health or a related field and would like to delve further into the world of infectious diseases on a global or local scale.

This certificate course is comprised of 18 credit hours that can be completed in as little as 1 year if a student chooses to study full-time. For part-time students, this certificate can be obtained in as much as 3 years, however this can be lessened with greater study time. The program includes 9 core credit hours as well as 9 elective credit hours to allow students to pursue specialized interests within the field.


Tuition into this program costs around $373 per credit hour for Nebraska residents and $881 per credit hour to non-residents.

#3 Drexel University College of Medicine

Master of Science in Infectious Disease


This master of science program offered by Drexel University’s College of Medicine focuses on different aspects of research including:

  • Basic
  • Translational
  • Clinical

This allows graduates to be able to effectively study infectious diseases from a variety of different angles and in a variety of different settings, allowing these students to become leaders in the field of infectious disease research.

A comprehensive internship package is included in this 2 year master’s degree program, and although short this program is also designed to be flexible to today’s working professionals.


The tuition for this program is around $1,284 per credit hour at the school.

#4 University of Pittsburgh Pitt Public Health

Infectious Diseases Graduate Programs


University of Pittsburgh’s Pitt Public Health is one of the only graduate schools in the nation with a department reserved specifically for the study of infectious diseases. This allows this school to the one of the best in the nation in terms of state of the art technology and study resources available to students who wish to partake in one of their graduate programs specializing in infectious disease, and those with a previous public health degree may find that these programs aid you in better protecting the health of the public.

Both doctor of philosophy and master of science degrees that specialize in infectious disease are available through the school.


Students who are residents of Pennsylvania can expect to pay around $23,408 per year for a graduate degree at the school, while out of state students will pay around $38,356.

#5 The University of Georgia

Infectious Diseases PhD


The University of Georgia offers graduate courses for those looking to obtain their PhD in infectious diseases, and students are able to use state of the art research and learning tools to build their knowledge in all aspects of infectious disease prevention and solutions. This program also focuses on animal to human infectious diseases and how they impact different populations around the globe.


In state students will pay a tuition of $332 per credit hour while out of state students will pay around $937 per credit hour.

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