45 Highest Paying Public Health Jobs & Career Paths

Below, we have compiled a list of 45 of the highest paid health jobs to help you select the right career path:

1. Health Promotions Program Coordinator

This position works to develop and streamline promotions in regards to public health, and works with managers and the community to do so.

2. Nutritionist

A Nutritionist creates meal plans informs of the impact of foods on the human body to help communities stay healthy.

3. Nurse Educator

A Nurse Educator teaches nursing students how to properly perform their jobs and oversees formulation of curriculum.

4. Health Information Officer

An Information Officer provides information regarding disease prevention to communities and healthcare facilities.

5. Public Health Dentist

Implementing and educating on community dental programs are tasks that a Public Health Dentist may complete.

6. Public Health Lawyer

As a Public Health Lawyer you’ll be expected to draft public health policies, work for patients’ rights, testify in court, or file suits.

7. Laboratory Director

A laboratory Director oversees research and use of equipment within a science or medical laboratory.

8. Tropical Disease Specialist

A Tropical Disease Specialist assists patients who have just been traveling and analyzes samples to prevent outbreaks.

9. HIV Specialist

An International HIV specialist works with patients infected with HIV to stall transfer and treat existing symptoms.

10. Reproductive Health Specialist

A Reproductive Health Specialist keeps the public informed about reproduction and other aspects of sexual health.

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11. Federal or State Environmentalist

An Environmentalist collects data and identifies environmental threats to the public that may cause illness.

12. Director of Non-Government Organization

As a Director of NGO you’ll be required to take part in your community, create budgets and oversee management of a particular institution.

13. Corporate Medical Director

A Corporate Medical Director works to improve the quality of air within corporate buildings, and helps to minimize the spreading of illness in the workplace.

14. Communications Specialist

A Communications Specialist in the public health industry communicates with the media and the public regarding healthy decisions and research.

15. Disease Ecologist

As a Disease Ecologist your role is to research impacts of infectious disease and how ecological changes can cause these pathogens from spreading.

16. Healthcare Administrator

A Healthcare Administrator oversees the management of a hospital or other healthcare facility and makes sure that it’s running smoothly at all times in all departments.

17. Consumer Safety Officer

A Consumer Safety Officer enforces FDA guidelines and restrictions in the consumer world and keeps the public informed on these issues.

18. Environmental Health Emergency Response Expert

As an Environmental Health Emergency Response Expert you would be expected to coordinate local efforts to assist communities hit by large scale environmental impacts.

19. Biostatistician

Compiling research and studying the data found to create policies through mathematics and statistical findings are the duties of a Biostatistician.

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20. Infection Preventionist

An Infection Preventionist analyzes infections to determine if they could seriously harm the public and researches possibilities of prevention.

21. Bioterrorism Researcher

Bioterrorism Researchers are well trained in the study of diseases and potential biological hazards that may be used in terrorist activity.

22. Vaccine Researcher

A Vaccine Researcher completes research in regards to improvement of old serums and the creation of updated preventative ones.

23. Outcome Researcher

Outcome Researchers research the treatments that patients undergo to better understand the quality of care that they’re receiving and present their research to hospital boards.

24. Behavioral Scientist

A Behavioral Scientist studies how individuals within a community interact with each other and assesses behavioral and mental issues.

25. Public Health Professor

A Public Health Professor trains future health workers through lectures, tests, and field work in a university setting.

26. Industrial Hygienist

Reducing health dangers and risks in the workplace by researching and strategizing reduction protocols are the roles of an Industrial Hygienist.

27. Public Health Engineer

Creating healthy and safe environments for staff by reducing injury through maintenance and design of equipment are the main duties of a Public Health Engineer.

28. Director of Family Health

Overseeing the daily activities of a public health facility falls under this career path, along with management of finances, HR and facility organization.

29. Public Health Veterinarian

Working in a clinic or lab, a Public Health Veterinarian performs many different procedures and treatments on animals.

30. Public Health Doctor

Providing medical care to the public through teaching public health classes, conducting medical research, and working directly with patients are all responsibilities of a Public Health Doctor.

31. Family Success Worker

Family Success Workers often work with families to provide education on such tasks as homework help and other healthy developments within a family.

32. Clinical Laboratory Technician

As a Clinical Laboratory Technician duties include collection of samples, lab equipment maintenance, and quality control within the laboratory.

33. Clinical Research Coordinator

This position usually assists the Clinical Research Director in overseeing logistics and execution of studies and research projects going on within a company or organization.

34. Behavioral Health Therapist

A Behavioral Health Therapist provides psychosocial assessment and behavioral health screenings of patients or clients.

35. Medical Assistant

As a Medical Assistant you are expected to work with patients while under supervision of doctors and nurses, to assist in treatments and procedures as directed.

36. Evidence Analyst

As an Evidence Analyst you would be overseeing errors made in readings and correcting quality issues while collaborating with management and peers to review and discuss the data collected.

37. Public Health Journalist

This type of journalist works to inform the public of medical issues and public health concerns through writing and reporting.

38. Health Educator

A Health Educator might work within the public school system to inform the public about hygiene and health management.

39. Mental Health Researcher

A Mental Health Researcher researches the environment in which people with mental health problems live, and how they interact.

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40. Pharmacoepidemiologist

As a Pharmacoepidemiologist research will be completed to protect communities from the outbreak of viruses through the understanding of drugs.

41. State Epidemiologist

As a State Epidemiologist you’ll work to identify health risks that affect the public and help with prevention.

42. Occupational Health Epidemiologist

This position provides collection and analysis of information and reports it to the CDC, and management.

43. Management Policy Advisor

This position works within office settings or privately as a consult to enforce policies and guidelines within an institution.

44. Legislative Policy Advisor

As a Legislative Police Advisor you would work with particular laws and policies regarding public health, and advising on ways to improve them.

45. Academic Policy Advisor

This position makes choices regarding the educational system and how funds are issued and policies are upheld.

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