Public Health Certificate Programs

In addition to full degree programs, many public health programs at universities offer certificate programs in the field. These certificates often are one semester to one year in length, and focus on a particular aspect of the field. Usually, you will need to already have at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Some of the areas in which you can earn a public health certificate include health communication. adolescent health, gerontology, health and human rights, community based public health, and health inequality.

Getting a certificate in public health may be all that you need to advance in some career fields. You also can normally apply the courses you took for a certificate towards a graduate public health degree later.

Some of the recommended public health certificate programs include:

   Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health - New York, NY
Global HealthCertificateCampus
Health of an Aging SocietyCertificateCampus
Injury Prevention and ControlCertificateCampus
Advanced EpidemiologyCertificateCampus
Applied BiostatisticsCertificateCampus
Health and Human RightsCertificateCampus
Infectious Disease EpidemiologyCertificateCampus
Epidemiology of Chronic DiseaseCertificateCampus
Social Determinants of HealthCertificateCampus
History, Ethics, and LawCertificateCampus
Sexuality, Sexual, and Reproductive HealthCertificateCampus
Environmental Health PolicyCertificateCampus
Health Promotion Research and PracticeCertificateCampus
Public Health Research MethodsCertificateCampus
Comparative Effectiveness Outcomes ResearchCertificateCampus
Health Policy and PracticeCertificateCampus
Public Health and Humanitarian AssistanceCertificateCampus
Climate and HealthCertificateCampus
Public Health InformaticsCertificateCampus
Health Policy AnalysisCertificateCampus
Molecular EpidemiologyCertificateCampus
Child, Youth, and Family HealthCertificateCampus
   Drexel University School of Public Health - Philadelphia, PA
Epidemiology and Biostatistic CertificateCertificateCampus
   East Tennessee State University - Johnson City, TN
Healthcare Management Graduate CertificateCertificateOnline
   George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services - Washington, DC
JD/LLM with MPH/CertificateCertificateCampus
   Georgia State University School of Public Health - Atlanta, GA
Graduate Certificate in Public HealthCertificateCampus
   Indiana University Bloomington School of Public Health - Bloomington, IN
Safety Management CertificateCertificateCampus
Underwater Resource Management CertificateCertificateCampus
   Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health - Indianapolis, IN
Graduate Certificate in Health Services ManagementCertificateCampus
Graduate Certificate in Health PolicyCertificateCampus
Graduate Certificate in Public Health/KinesiologyCertificateCampus
   Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health - Baltimore, MD
Global HealthCertificateCampus
Quality, Patient Safety & Outcomes ResearchCertificateCampus
Health InformaticsCertificateCampus
Population & HealthCertificateCampus
Health CommunicationCertificateCampus
Health Finance & ManagementCertificateCampus
Environmental & Occupational HealthCertificateCampus
   Loma Linda University School of Public Health - Loma Linda, CA
Health GeoinformaticsCertificateCampus
Epidemiological Research MethodsCertificateCampus
Emergency Prepardeness and ResponseCertificateCampus
Basic EpidemiologyCertificateCampus
Tobacco Control Research MethodsCertificateCampus
Basic BiostatisticsCertificateCampus
Maternal and Child HealthCertificateCampus
PB Certificate in Lifestyle InterventionCertificateOnline
Lifestyle InternvetionCertificateOnline
   Oakland University - Rochester Hills, MI
Graduate Certificate in OrthopedicsCertificateCampus
   Oregon State University College of Public Health and Human Sciences - Corvallis, OR
Graduate Certificate in Public HealthCertificateOnline
   Regis College - Weston, MA
Graduate Certificate in Public HealthCertificateCampus
   Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey School of Public Health - New Brunswick, NJ
Clinical EpidemiologyCertificateCampus
Public Policy and Oral Health Services AdministrationCertificateCampus
Public Health PreparednessCertificateCampus
Global Public HealthCertificateCampus
General Public HealthCertificateCampus
Environmental and Occupational HealthCertificateCampus
   SUNY Downstate Medical Center School of Public Health - Brooklyn, NY
Advanced Certificate in Public HealthCertificateCampus
   Tufts University - Medford, MA
Certificate in Program EvaluationCertificateCampus
   Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine - New Orleans, LA
Graduate Certificate Industrial HygieneCertificateOnline
Graduate Certificate Disaster ManagementCertificateOnline
   UCLA Jonathan and Karin Fielding School of Public Health - Los Angeles, CA
Leaders in Sustainability (LIS) CertificateCertificateCampus
Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS)CertificateCampus
Bixby Population and Reproductive Health CertificateCertificateCampus
Global Health CertificateCertificateCampus
Certificate in Health Care Management and LeadershipCertificateCampus
   UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health - Chapel Hill, NC
Certificate in Field Epidemiology (FEPI Online)CertificateOnline
Graduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Health DisparitiesCertificateCampus
Graduate Certificate in Global HealthCertificateCampus
Graduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Health CommunicationCertificateCampus
Graduate Certificate in Public Health InformaticsCertificateCampus
   University of Arizona - Tucson, AZ
Global Health & DevelopmentCertificateCampus
AZ Clinical and Translational Research (ACTR)CertificateCampus
Maternal and Child Health EpidemiologyCertificateCampus
Graduate Certificate in Public HealthCertificateCampus
   University of Florida - Gainesville, FL
Public Health Programs CertificateCertificateCampus
   University of Georgia School of Public Health - Athens, GA
Certificate in Disaster ManagementCertificateCampus
Certificate in Global HealthCertificateCampus
Certificate in GerontologyCertificateCampus
   University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health - Chicago, IL
Clinical Research MethodsCertificateCampus
Public Health ManagementCertificateCampus
Advanced Community Public Health Practice CertificateCertificateCampus
Public Health InformaticsCertificateCampus
Basic Community Public Health PracticeCertificateCampus
Public Health Geographic Informatic SystemsCertificateCampus
Public Health Emergency PreparednessCertificateCampus
Health Disparities ResearchCertificateCampus
Emergency Management and Continuity PlanningCertificateCampus
Public Health Practice at RockfordCertificateCampus
   University of Iowa College of Public Health - Iowa City, IA
Public Health CertificateCertificateOnline
MPH Emerging Infectious Disease Epidemiology CertificateCertificateCampus
MPH Practicing VeterinariansCertificateCampus
   University of Louisville - Louisville, KY
Certificate in Clinical Invesgitation SciencesCertificateCampus
   University of Maryland School of Public Health - College Park, MD
Certificate in Public HealthCertificateCampus
Certificate in GerontologyCertificateCampus
Certificate in Global HealthCertificateCampus
   University of Michigan School of Public Health - Ann Arbor, MI
Foundations in Public HealthCertificateCampus
Preventive Medicine ResidencyCertificateCampus
Global Health CertificateCertificateCampus
Risk Science and Human Health CertificateCertificateCampus
Health Informatics CertificateCertificateCampus
Public Health Genetics CertificateCertificateCampus
Certificate in Health Care Infection Prevention & ControlCertificateCampus
   University of Minnesota School of Public Health - Minneapolis, MN
Public Health Certificate in Core ConceptsCertificateCampus
Management Fundamentals in Healthcare OrganizationsCertificateCampus
Clinical Research CertificateCertificateCampus
Public Health Certificate in Preparedness, Response & RecoveryCertificateCampus
Applied Biostatistics Certificate (online)CertificateCampus
Public Health Certificate in Performance ImprovementCertificateCampus
Aging Studies CertificateCertificateCampus
Public Health Certificate in InformaticsCertificateCampus
Advanced Management Training for Clinician LeadersCertificateCampus
Public Health Certificate in Food ProtectionCertificateCampus
   University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Public Health - Omaha, NE
Professional Certificate in Emergency PreparednessCertificateOnline
Professional Certificate in Public HealthCertificateOnline
   University of New England - Biddeford, ME
Graduate Certificate inÊPublic HealthCertificateOnline
   University of North Texas Health Science Center School of Public Health - Fort Worth, TX
Graduate Certificate in Public HealthCertificateCampus
   University of South Carolina - Columbia, SC
Gerontology CertificateCertificateCampus
   University of South Florida College of Public Health - Tampa, FL
Concepts and Tools Of EpidemiologyCertificateOnline
Epidemiology of Infectious DiseasesCertificateOnline
Public Health GeneralistCertificateOnline
Applied BiostatisticsCertificateOnline
Social MarketingCertificateOnline
Public Health Policy and ProgramsCertificateOnline
Infection ControlCertificateOnline
Humanitarian AssistanceCertificateOnline
Maternal and Child Health EpidemiologyCertificateOnline
Toxicology and Risk AssessmentCertificateOnline
   University of Washington School of Public Health - Seattle, WA
Graduate Certificate in Global Health of Women, Adolescents, and ChildrenCertificateCampus
Graduate Certificate in Global HealthCertificateCampus
Basic Clinical Research Methods CertificateCertificateCampus
Graduate Certificate Program in Emergency Preparedness and ResponseCertificateCampus
Applied Biostatistics CertificateCertificateCampus
Graduate Certificate in Public Health GeneticsCertificateCampus
Advanced Clinical Research Methods CertificateCertificateCampus
Public Health Practice CertificateCertificateCampus
Graduate Certificate in Maternal and Child HealthCertificateCampus
Advanced Applied Biostatistics CertificateCertificateCampus
Medical Management CertificateCertificateCampus
Graduate Certificate in Health ManagementCertificateCampus
Health Informatics and Health Information Management CertificateCertificateCampus
Graduate Certificate in HIV & STIsCertificateCampus
Certificate in Global Health Metrics for Pakistan PhysiciansCertificateCampus
Graduate Certificate in Global Injury and Violence PreventionCertificateCampus
Comparative Effectiveness Research CertificateCertificateCampus
   University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health - Madison, WI
Global Health CertificateCertificateCampus
   West Virginia University School of Public Health - Morgantown, WV
Applied Biostatistics CertificateCertificateOnline

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