Health and Wellness Manager

There is no question that times are tough for many, and with that in mind it becomes clearer than ever that finding the perfect career for you is important. Spending time thinking about the right career path is a must for your financial security and your future, and for many entering the health field is a perfect way to secure excellent salaries and great job benefits. However, many don’t want to enter a position that requires them to deliver one on one personal medical care to patients. By becoming a health and wellness manager you can improve the health and wellbeing of the population, enjoy the excellent salary and benefits that come with a position in the field, and not have to provide bedside care.

If you’re unsure about the specifics of this career path and what it involves, keep reading to learn more about becoming a health and wellness manager.

What Is a Health and Wellness Manager?

A health and wellness manager may have various duties, but in general they will be responsible for managing the overall wellness and health of either a person or a group of people. They may work for fitness centers, for individual clients, or even for corporations that want to enhance overall company wellbeing.

These professionals handle a few different tasks including:

  • Designing and implementing policies and procedures that improve overall health and wellbeing of an individual or a group of people.
  • Facilitating the management and modification of those programs.
  • Gathering data and information and using that data to determine what extra steps should be taken to enhance the success of the programs put in place.
  • Works hand in hand with other business leaders to help prevent illness and disease within a facility while improving overall health.
  • Presents regular updates and reports on the progress of the population and how it has improved since the implementation of health programs.

In short, it’s easiest to think of a health and wellness manager as a person who works to improve the well-being and health of a company. They provide tools, resources, and programs that can improve health for companies, employees, individuals, and more.

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There are some natural characteristics one may possess that could help them thrive in the field of health and wellness management. While a solid education from an accredited school will have a big impact on one’s ability to function in the position, possessing strengths in the following areas will be important as well.

  • Good Communication – Health and wellness managers must communicate their ideas clearly to management and also explain the different procedures and programs to those who will be taking part in them. As such, strong communication skills are a must.
  • Good Critical Thinking Capabilities – Being able to gather information and research, then use the data to determine the best steps to take for overcoming health issues is important. Problem solving and critical thinking skills are essential.
  • Self-Motivated – In many instances the health and wellness manager will be responsible for their own results. As such, being motivated, disciplined, and able to work without constant supervision will be important.

Nature of the Work

The specific nature of the job can vary depending on the position held. In many instances, wellness managers will spend much of their time developing fitness routines and leading groups or individuals through them. They may also help to educate groups or individuals in proper nutrition, fitness, and medical areas. Additionally, it’s common to fill out various reports and keep track of progress in order to ensure that a group is progressing properly towards good health.

Positions could include everything from massage therapy to trainers, and work is possible in large corporations, fitness clubs, and more.

Education and Training

In order to enter the field of health and wellness management, a bachelor’s degree will be required. The degree will usually be in a health or fitness related field. Most positions will require several years of experience working in the public health field. However, some schools offer health and wellness management programs that may allow one to circumvent the on-the-job experience requirements.

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According to the average salary for a health and wellness manager is roughly $76,995 per year. Specific positions may pay more or less. 


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