Federal Agency Director

If you have excellent problem solving ability, strong interpersonal relationship skills, and the ability to motivate and guide staff you may be well suited for a career as a federal agency manager. Read on for more specifics on this challenging and rewarding career.

What Is A Federal Agency Manager

A federal agency manager manages all activities within the agency in which he/she is employed. The federal agency manager will oversee day to day operations and help plan for the futures. The manager will analyze past performance for guidance in policy change and standard operating procedure. The specific duties of a federal agency manager will vary from location to location. Some of the typical duties of a federal agency manager include:

  • Oversee staff and provide guidance with duties and responsibilities
  • Interview and hire agency employees
  • Manage training of new employees and ongoing training of staff
  • Assign and manage work schedules
  • Assign duties and responsibilities within the agency
  • Coordinate agency meetings as needed
  • Manage staff and program evaluations

To be an effective federal agency manager you must possess strengths in the following areas:

  • You should be an excellent communicator
  • You should be organized and efficient. This career requires the management of many different individuals and programs and organization is necessary to be successful.
  • You need strong attention to detail. You will be overseeing many different facets of the organization and will need a keen insight to the specific aspects of each department
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The nature of the work is dynamic and day to day responsibilities will change frequently. Federal agency directors will have to be computer literate. Much of your day to day work involves communication through computer databases. The federal agency manager will oversee the functioning of all personnel. A working knowledge of the individual responsibilities of staff members is necessary. You will interact with personnel and ensure they are meeting their responsibilities. You will guide them in current and future assignments. You will provide constructive feedback to ensure job fulfillment. You will manage and lead interagency meetings. You will prioritize projects and communicate responsibilities to key staff. You will collaborate with department managers and support their function. You will be involved in outlining performance standards and evaluating staff and management based on these standards. You will monitor the training of new and existing employees. You will ensure key functions are properly presented to employees and monitor employees understanding and ability to perform functions.

You will also be involved in communicating outside the agency. You will represent the agency in your communications with funding sources, the community you serve, and collaborative partners. You will prepare reports and findings of agency activities for community partners. You will be involved in analyzing agency accomplishments and planning future activities.

You will keep abreast of ongoing policy changes and regulations as they affect the agency. You will be involved in administrative duties including budgeting and managing financial resources. You will develop agency strategies and standard operating procedures to ensure quality and consistency in agency performance.

You will manage workplace conflicts and individual personnel issues. You will oversee staffing including recruitment, hiring, and on-boarding new employees. You will oversee employee evaluations and improvement plans for staff members. You will monitor and direct training activities for new and existing employees.

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Education and Training

The federal agency manager is an executive position. Required education and training will vary from location to location. Typically a Bachelor’s degree in any area will be the minimum requirement for this position. Degrees in business, public health, management, finance or a related field will help prepare the federal agency manager. Often prior experience in management and proven career success will be required to be considered for the position. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a median income of $59,970 annually for community agency managers. An expected 21% growth in the demand of agency managers is expected between 2012 and 2022 which is faster than growth for all occupations in the United States.

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