Community Health Nursing Consultant

Community Health Nursing Consultant Careers

Job stability is a great concern in many sectors of the work force.  Even private service companies and businesses are facing decisions regarding restructuring, and this can create an uncertain job market for many peoples.  Public health careers offer the security of a government job, whether it is on a local, state, or federal level.  These job options also provide an outlet for people who are passionate about the medical field, and want to support healthcare for the community.

Positions in the field of public health cover a number of areas, from research, to inspections, to public education and other community interactions.  This variety of outlets can be a good way to find a rewarding form of employment that offers good pay and a way to ensure public welfare.  If you are interested in a secure position that provides the possibility of steady advancement, then a job as a community health nursing consultant could allow you to practice in a setting that offers great public service.

What Is A Community Health Nursing Consultant?

A community health nursing consultant is a traveling position that allows for a greater range of the public to receive health information and access to care.  This position is highly involved in outreach and education, and you will be able to act as the bridge between medical facilities and the community when addressing needs that are specific to the population.  These nursing consultants can cover concerns about keeping the public informed about health and wellbeing, while also offering plans and programs to support people in taking healthy steps.

As a community health nursing consultant, you would also be responsible for reporting the needs of the public to other medical professionals, so that an understanding of intervention and prevention programs can be developed.  This can involve collecting narrative and statistical data, as well as connecting with individuals in the community as a way to understand cultural and demographic health issues.

If you are interested in becoming a community health nursing consultant, you would be expected to perform the following over the course of your job:

  •   Filling in as a nursing professional at facilities that are short staffed.
  •   Participating in clinical outreach programs such as flu shot drives.
  •   Organizing educational events for the community to increase health awareness.
  •   Developing media and literature based outlets to provide the public with wellness information.
  •   Conducting interviews and surveys in the community in order to assess health needs.
  •   Reporting the results of findings to other health professionals and stressing needs based treatments.
  •   Developing solutions that can improve the community access to healthcare.
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This particular job combines practical nursing skills with public speaking and community interactions.  It will require a variety of personal skills to be nurtured:

  •   Professionalism:  In the clinical setting you will be expected to behave in a manner that is professional and kind.  This can help to establish community bonds, and will allow you to interact with co-workers in cooperative manner.
  •   Public speaking:  In settings where you are educating the public, you will need to be able to engage your audience while delivering clear and exact information.  This aspect of the job will require confidence and the ability to speak before a variety of individuals. 
  •   Communication:  You will need to be able to share information with patients and with coworkers.  This can be in written or verbal form and will need to be understandable for a number of educational backgrounds. 
  •   Researching:  Part of your duties as a liaison will be to collect data from the community in order to asses needs.  You will need to be able to take this information and deduce trends as well as assess areas of concern for the health of the public. 
  •   Approachability:  As you are interacting with the public, you will also want to ensure that you garner trust and confidence with your patients.  This will require that you be culturally sensitive and that you find ways of engaging and bonding with the public.  

Nature Of The Work

A community health nursing consultant may work out of healthcare facility, but will generally travel around the municipality based on area needs.  This can include spending time in hospitals, private clinics, universities, and even businesses and mobile care clinics.  As a career path, it offers a variety of settings and a chance to practice healthcare in both an office and in the field.  For practical application, you may be asked to use your nursing skills at different venues to directly influence public health.

This job will also include a large amount of outreach and interaction, This can include lectures in community halls and schools, as well as educational series that are offered through local technical schools.  In gathering information about the needs of the community, you may be required to travel to households for interview, or gather data from outpatients at hospitals and clinics.  This part will play strongly into the research for development of better interventions and will also require that you collaborate with other healthcare professionals.

Education And Training

Graduation from an accredited nursing program and a valid nursing license for the state are initial requirements for this position.  A two year LPN or four year RN degree is acceptable and a minimum of two years of practice are also required.  Some positions may require further in the job training, but this is provided through your employer.  You may also need a certification as a health educator, and passing this exam will also require continuing education credits.

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Nursing is one of the fastest growing fields in healthcare and community health consulting is highly in demand in the public health sector.  This position is expecting to see an above average rate of advancement and the job position is expected to expand by nearly 21% in the next decade.  This offers highly secure employment and a guarantee of position availability for entry level applicants.

The median salary for community health nursing consultants is at $48,000 annually, although some public health departments can offer as high as $60,000 per year.  This also gives you the ability to advance in your career while you are providing greatly needed education and service to the public. 

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