Assistant Inspector General

Careers in public health are not limited to medical and scientific fields, but can also include aspects of government that can impact community access and rights.  This is most often seen in situations where legislation can provide greater safety for the community as well as the means by which to endorse clinical care and interventions for the public.  This type of behind the scenes administration is often performed by the Assistant Inspector General, and offers the foundation for improving safety and wellness in a community.

Public health jobs offer the opportunity to experience great job security and the chance to move up in the ranks, but they also provide a way to care for social welfare.  As a more administrative approach to public health, the job of the Assistant Inspector General could be ideal for you, if you enjoy being able to problem solve and challenge yourself while offering greater peace of mind to the public.

What Is An Assistant Inspector General?

The Assistant Inspector General will help the Inspector General in conducting audits, inspections, and reviews of financial and legal aspects of government agencies and programs which promote public health and safety.  This will include looking for discrepancies in accounting as well as evaluating the efficiency and productivity of other agencies and programs. 

Tasks can vary depending upon whether financial concerns or performance is being examined.  Some Assistant Inspector General positions will be specifically focused on one agency, such as the FHFA.  Other Assistant Inspector General careers can be concerned with general reviews that help to establish legislative precedent for ensuring public health.  Within the overall job title, different states and localities can require more specialized tasks, but these are a combination of municipal concerns and directives from the Inspector General.

Assistant Inspector General jobs of any specialization will perform the following activities within the scope of the job :

  •   Regulate the actions and performance of other government agencies and programs.
  •   Perform financial audits to streamline expenditures for returns.
  •   Review the performance of specific public health programs.
  •   Propose possible changes to create greater efficacy with agencies and programs.
  •   Scrutinize the laws to create more beneficial legislature for public health and safety concerns.
  •   Evaluate the management and conduct of participants in government funded health programs.
  •   Attend hearings that arise from any observation of unlawful activities within programs and agencies.
  •   Develop legislature to promote public health.
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Along with a strong legal knowledge base and experience with accounting, the position of Assistant Inspector General would also require that you have the following skill sets:

  •   Confidence:  You will need to be able to monitor the actions of other agencies and point out areas where inappropriate actions are being taken.  This will require that you have the ability to speak out in cases of wrong doing.
  •   Trustworthiness:  In conducting reviews on others, you will need to be able to hold by the standards and ethics of your position.  This requires that you are honest and reliable in your actions. 
  •   Communication:  You will need to be able to submit written reports of any findings, and explain issues and changes that should be addressed.  You may also be required to testify and speak in court hearing, or before advisory panels.
  •   Exactitude:  In any form of review, an eye for details is extremely important.  If you are conducting a financial audit, it will be crucial that your findings are precise and accurate.
  •   Innovation:  In some cases, you will be required to examine existing legislature.  Along with pointing out flaws within these laws, you will also be asked to help come up with solutions that are viable within financial and resource parameters.

Nature Of The Work

Much of the work that an Assistant Inspector General performs is office based.  This will include examining paperwork and accounting records, as well as researching information.  Often, the Assistant Inspector General will also be asked to attend panel and court hearings, and to present information at such events.  While much of the job is administrative, certain specialized positions can require on site evaluations.

Part of the review and auditing process for performance evaluations can include observation of the managers and employees of different agencies and programs.  This would require you to be present and monitor the daily functions within these programs.  You may be required to travel in such events, and possibly participate in other agency duties in order to gain first-hand knowledge of the processes they are engaging in.

Education And Training

The position of Assistant Inspector General requires at least a four year degree in either administration or law.  Some states will also require that you have passed the bar exam in order to be eligible for a position.  Differences in experience and educational requirements can vary not only by locality, but also by the specifics of the position being filled.  Some Assistant Inspector General positions may require that you have a greater accounting aptitude, since the focus is on the financial workings of a program.  Other positions may be more concerned with performance, or public health codes, and this expects greater legal experience.

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Overall, training in administration, accounting, and law are all beneficial if you are considering becoming an Assistant Inspector General.  Special certifications, such as criminal justice courses, are dictated by the position you are applying for, and are often provided as a part of the on the job education.  You will also need to undergo an extensive background check to ensure that you are ethically and morally qualified for the job.

Salaries for Assistant Inspector General careers can range greatly, and this will depend upon which branch of the government you are overseeing.  An average starting salary can be around $63,000 per year, with the low end of wages starting at $50,000 and the high end at $76,000.  As a government employee, you may also be awarded different clearance levels for information as you advance in your position, and this will affect both your responsibilities and your earnings.  Since much of the federal focus is on providing cost effective care for the public, the need for Assistant Inspector Generals is quite high.  With the help of your evaluations and reviews, federal overseers will be able to help amend current spending and conduct for greater public benefits. 

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